Wall Decal Install Instructions

You May Need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Squeegee Included!
Image Illustration: Unpack


Unroll your decal and flatten for at least 30 minutes. This might be a good time to watch our video above.

Image Illustration: Clean


Make sure your wall is free of debris by wiping it down with a dry cloth.

Image Illustration: Prep


If you see x's, loosely cut apart the 2 pieces so you can arrange them properly on the wall. The x's indicate the points at which the different parts of your decal should meet on the wall.

Image Illustration: Measure


Ensure your decal fits in the space you have planned. Remember that some decals are broken into two pieces.

Image Illustration: Remove


With your decal graphic side down, apply even pressure with the included squeegee to make sure the decal sticks to the transfer tape. Carefully remove the paper backing, allowing the decal to stick to the transfer tape. It's perfectly normal for some pieces of your deca l to start to pull up off the transfer paper. If this happens, gently tease the edge of the separating decal piece off of the backing, and firmly press it back onto the transfer paper.

Image Illustration: Apply


Apply the transfer tape with decal to the wall in the exact position you want to place your decal.

Image Illustration: Peel


Starting at a corner, carefully peel back the transfer tape straight down. Make sure your decal does not lift from the wall during tape removal. If your decal starts to lift from the wall, lay the tape over the decal again & squeegee with more Force. Remove tape slowly & be careful around intricate cuts.

Image Illustration: Admire


Step back, give yourself a pat on the back & admire your new decal!

*Don't worry if you see air bubbles, just poke a couple of times with a needle and smooth with the squeegee.